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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday

This week I'm thankful because...

  • there are puppies and kittens in this world
  • I hate to be repetitive, but I really DO have great friends
  • I started sleeping again a few days ago
  • there is art in this world
  • today the cab actually came in enough time to get to my appointment
  • my new section of one of my classes is so much less stressful then the old one even though we are doing the exact same work
  • kosher has had some really good chicken the last 2 days. Kosher chicken tastes so much better then non
  • my Grandma called earlier. She should call more often
  • I didn't fall on the ice today
  • I have clean towels

[image description: red heart that looks like it was done out of paint, with thankful written in cursive inside the heart towards the left]


Anonymous said...

I always love when you do this. It makes me feel so good inside and appreciate the things I normally take for granted. I need to to this every week too. You do sound like you have many good things in your life. I think talking to your grandmother more often is a wonderful idea!

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