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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Is it ok to Laugh at People with Intellectual Disabilities?

See my post from Sunday about how's your news. Here are some posts about How's Your News? from :

[image description: How's Your News? logo]

'Hows Your News?'--Laughing at or Laughing with?
Rewiew: MTV's 'How's Your News?'
I read the Article on the Philadelphia Daily News

So that's what I'm wondering. Are we "Laughing at or Laughing With?" When I first posted Is It Funny? over at my Disaboom Blog I got the full range of responses. One yes it is funny, one it's never funny to make fun of anyone's difference, and one you are not laughing at the disability but at the situation.

Here's another real world example. For those of you who watched or have watched How's Your News?, is it funny or not? I did watch How's Your News Sunday night although I unfortunately missed the first 5 minutes. I thought it was GREAT! I am worried though that it is not going to last. Several years ago there was a show State of Grace about a Jewish family in the south in the 60's. I loved it, my mom loved it (we watched it together), my aunt watched it with her kids, and I feel like every other Jewish person we know loved it as well. But the show didn't last long. 1) Because ABC Family moved it from Sunday to Friday and many Jews will not watch TV on the Sabbath, and 2) I think it was geared towards too small of a niche audience. I'm afraid it's going to be the same for How's Your News? and that the show is not going to last. People are afraid to laugh with intellectually disabled people for fear of how it will make them look to others. I'm afraid they'll be afraid to watch. I'm afraid the show is geared towards too small of a niche audience. What do you think?


Blake said...

I'm going to have to try to catch it on TV sometime. Or find some clips on YouTube.

Some friends and I are working on a short movie that we are adapting from "The Office." It's setting is going to be the university's Disability Support Services. We're calling it "The Center." Wondering how people will take it.

By the way, good decision on moving the blog. Disaboom blogs can be so sluggish and glitchy. I would have recommended, but I suppose you can't go wrong with Google.

Blake said...

Crap... spelled "its" "it's"!

Anonymous said...

I think we saw this video awhile ago. we'll get it on TiVo to watch Monday. No work! Well, no work at the closed office anyway. I think it is OK to laugh at anyone you respect.
P.S. if you are going to call yourself an Activist Crip, you had better do something and be an activist. Wishing doesn't make it so.

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