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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy/Sad Sunday on Tuesday

I couldn't post on Sunday because I was totally preoccupied with Oreo and Maya. It's so cute. Maya, who remember is only 3mos old, has gotten used to Oreo and wants to play with him, but every time she tries to pounce on him he runs away. Oreo grew up with cats for years. Shouldn't it be the other way around?

Anyway, I really wanted to post this because I really want to start something. Did anyone else do a happy/sad post on Sunday? Post your link in the comments.

I'm happy because for the first time in 2.5 weeks I slept without the use of any drugs!!! I'm a bit perky today.

I'm sad because I woke up with a scratchy throat this morning which means I caught Sara's nursing home germs (she does feeding therapy, thus putting her hands in other people's mouths all day and getting sick all the time). On Thurs I am going to have a full blown cold.

I'm sad because I was sad all weekend.

I'm happy because I got to spend most of the weekend with Maya and Oreo.

I'm happy because I have great friends and all my nasty drugs got out of my system.

I'm happy because I'm HAPPY now.

I'm happy because my Senior seminar prof got switched without me even asking. Thank g-d!!!! She's not anal retentive

I'm happy because I got up early enough to get free brunch at Hillel and even had someone to walk (roll?) there with

I'm happy because I get free spa services on Fri. The place where my trainer works/I get my hair cut up here is having an open house at 7pm (for locals, FX studios)

I'm sad because although I can get there for free because they (as well as where I am coming from) are very close to the lightrail, it will take 2x as long to get there then it would in a cab. Why the hell did they have to slash the program?


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