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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Able to Choose

Over at Pipecleaner Dreams Deborah has a post about a new campaign in Virginia, Able to Choose. The campaign's aim is to increase community inclusion for people with disabilities. Whoever came up with this thing, RIGHT ON! WAY TO GO! I APPLAUD YOU! A standing ovation in fact. I'm just wondering how people feel about the way it is being run? Generally I am adamantly against simulations (link leads to an article) but in this case somehow I am all for it. Why? I think because it's not a disability simulation. It is a simulation about program models. They're not trying to create sympathy but rather empathy to lead to change (did I interpret that right?) Comments?


Sarah said...

I always wondered why I didn't like disability simulations, now I understand why I don't.
But the one in VA is very interesting and clever! It does not seek to elicit pity for a person, but shame for a system.

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