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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stupid People/What's WRONG with you?

As I said in my happy/sad post, I spent all weekend with my best friends'. On Sunday I was made to get dressed (I was going to get dressed anyway) and walk to Target to get cat food. Target is definitely walking distance for any AB, but for a crip who's as out of shape as I am, I don't think so. The friend who needed the cat food wasn't walking. Not fair! I mean, why would I think to bring my chair (couldn't anyway, not enough notice for paratransit)? So I at the very least borrowed a pair of crutches and went. We had to stop somewhere on the way but my friend was going so fast on her scooter I lost her. HELLO!!! WALKING spaz here... Anyway she had forgotten her phone and thought I knew the way to Target and would meet her there. I didn't. I've only walked there once.

This is not the point of the post though. The point of the post was that I was a) lost and b) thought that since I wasn't doing so well and was surprisingly not cold, I should remain outside. So I managed to meander my way to the playground. I can't get to the playground alone because the terrain is a bit difficult, but I CAN with the crutches. What the hell. I'll go swinging for a bit and then try my best to find my way back (I have the sense of direction of a flea).

It started when I was trying my best to manage this narrow hill type thing. I had noticed that there were 3 kids at the playground, about late elementary school age, but I didn't pay a bit of attention to them. I had to pay attention to the ground. Then I here from 1 of the kids to another, a semi-quiet "Don't stare! It's Rude!" (Check out Danielle's Stare Patrol blog). I had no idea. Remember, I was looking at the ground.

I managed to very difficultly get onto a swing without falling and then very awkwardly started swinging. There is a significant difference in the range of motion of both of my knees. I swing crooked. Sure it looks interesting... I swung until the wind died down and was unable to help me compensate for my pathetic knees. Then I almost just as difficultly got out of the swing safely, bent down, got the crutches and took my best guess as to whether there apartment was left or right.

There were parents standing and talking on the back patio of one of closest apartments. As I walked past, one of the mothers very rudely said "What's WRONG with you?" I decided to not answer, as I was still in a crappy mood, and this was the difficult part of the ground I had to pay attention to. "What happened to you? You weren't like that before."

Huh? Before? Are you referring to the 30secs in which I got off the swing and bent down to retrieve the crutches? Cause I don't live there and I don't know you. How the hell do you know how I was before? I've only gone swinging there once before, and yes I didn't have crutches, but I had my friend help me onto/off of the swing and on the difficult hill.

"Oh, you don't want to talk to me?" I got. NO I thought. You're an idiot. And besides, I had more important things to do like get off that hill and guess the way to their building. Which I did. The long way...


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