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Sunday, February 8, 2009

I'm in a Happy/Sad Kinda Mood

[image descriptions: greek happy/sad masks in bright colors. Also, all happy/sads have a happy or sad face as a bullet]

And no, I'm not in the middle of a mixed state right now (I'm not sure if I've ever had one of those...). It's just one of those days. And hey--why not? Today is designated happy/sad day so my mood is rather applicable.

You see, I'm a member of the ΙΓ Chapter of the national co-ed community service fraternity ΑΦΩ (that's the iota gamma chapter of alpha phi omega and yes, I'm a girl, and yes I'm a brother in a fraternity). One of our chapter's founding fathers decided that at the end of every meeting after it had been formally adjourned we would pass around a container and donate our loose change--not to our chapter, but to a charity (we're a community service fraternity after all). It's our Happy/Sad Change. We're supposed to say one thing we're either happy or sad about from the last and/or upcomming week for each piece of change we put in. In reality sometimes someone only has 1 quarter and says 5 things or puts in 3 dimes and 5 pennies and says 1. But whatever, the intent is still there.

Where is the money donated you ask? Well for a few years we had the same president and she was a counsleor every summer at Camp Sertoma (now a special ed teacher working on her PhD) in Harrisburg, PA, so our money went to camper scholarships. Then we had a brother pass away from pulmonary hypertenshion, so our money went to the Pulmonary Hypertension Association for a year. If it was up to me I would have kept it that way. Last year we never really picked "a place." We just gave smaller amounts of money to whatever our next event was, such as the Leukemia & Lymphoma S0ciety's Light the Night Walk and the Polar Bear Plunge. This year? Well this year, I'm not sure if we decided yet, so I'm going to go to the meeting (our 1st of the semester in an hr &a half) and find out. If not, I want to see if people will agree to donate the year's change to Maryland ADAPT. I'm going to make sure not to paint us out to be liberal extremests because we could sure use the money at the moment, even if we are on hiatus in between leadership.

Anyway, I'm kind of rambling and getting away from the point of this post. The point of the post is that I'm having a happy/sad kind of day, conveniently on happy/sad day, and I thought I'd list my happy sad things. My list is long today and people will give me the evil eye if I list everything later. We try to keep it short as we have to go through like 2o and people want to get out of there. Maybe every Sunday will be happy/sad day here in addition to Thankful Thursday? I'll see how I feel. Maybe I'm boring everyone? Maybe nobody cares? (*sigh* I'm rambling again...)

I'm happy because I think I'm finally getting myself an SSRI!!! I've only been begging for 1 for the last year, but hey, I don't have an MSW (yet), PhD or MD so I don't know squat...

I'm sad because I'm having nightmares about not having enough meds and losing my mind and having to go to the hospital (which in real life is never going to happen)

I'm happy because it is 64 degrees here in the middle of Feburary

I'm sad because it is 64 degrees and I have been sitting in the middle of the library for the last few hrs

I'm happy because I love racing somewhere fast in my chair on gorgous days

I'm sad because if I'm going to be sitting in the library on a beautiful Sunday afternoon I should be doing homework, but instead I'm sitting here blogging and getting nothing done

I'm sad because Friday night I took way to many sleepy causing drugs and slept 18hrs straight. I missed out on yesterday's gorgous day too... *whine*

I'm happy because we're going to have another day in the 60's later in the week and I'll have a 2nd chance at being outside

I'm sad because I left my cell phone at my best friends' apt Thursday night and I still haven't gotten it back

I'm happy because my paratransit right was right on time Thursday night which was why I left it there. I was running out the door and left it on the couch because they only wait 5mins and I didn't want them to leave me

See that's a lot of happy/sad things. WAY too much for later. Want to join me and make Sunday official happy/sad day? Post a list on your blog and then leave a link in the comments here...


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