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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

AYS Day 3: The Day I "Missed"

At the end of day 2 the trainers gave us 3 options for actual actions that we could pick from to plan and execute. Some people were surprised, but I was forwarned. The first was to continue what we'd already started planing and go with the curb cuts. The second was to go to a local chinese resturant and try to get them to install a ramp. Last years AYS picked that, got a promise, but one was never installed. The third was to go to Health & Human Services' Office of Civil Rights (OCR) for region 5, which includes Illinois and many states and demand quarterly meetings with the regional manager, Valerie Morgan-Alston. (yes, I'm using her full name and linking to her contact info, we need to keep her accountable) Wisconsin ADAPT had tried some stuff back in the fall and had been unsuccessful. We decided this would have a bigger impact, so we chose that one.

I'm glad I got rid of that g-d damn Zoloft. It's a bit depressing in that I was begging for it for so long and then the side effects turned out to be awful, but whatever... I missed what we did for the first hr and a half b/c I slept through my alarm and then was so out of it that it took me an hr to just get dressed. I even slept through part of a meeting that afternoon just like I did the next day. Then I "missed" the rest of the day, most of the planning (why are there no pictures?) because I was working, but not with the group.

The first thing I did was the dorm we were staying in had a computer lab on the first floor that we could use even though we weren't UIC students. Because I had decided to be part of the recearch team, I went down there to find out who we were looking for and where we were going. Then b/c I was down there I got the bright idea to find out how to get there too. I'm very skilled at using google maps to look up mass transit directions. This took longer then expected because 1) more then 1 department has there own OCR and 2) there were signs up that said printing was free, but I couldn't figure out how to print as a non UIC student, Finally I gave up and coppied everything by hand.

[picture description: We're off to do the scouting, the wonderful scouting of Chicago! Because, because, because, because, because of all the wonderful things we do! Me, D & R on the "EL" going to find the OCR office]

I don't remember how close to lunch I came back, but after lunch I was elected to go scouting with a trainer, a leader, & his PCA, so I wasn't even in the building. It took HOURS to roll to/from the "EL", get off at a further stop because the closer one was in accessible, and roll to/from OCR. Not to mention trying to find OCR in that maze. Where it is located is several interconnected buildings that has a gigantic garrage, mall, so many offices, and I think a hotel and condos. We almost didn't even get in the building as the door we wanted to get into is closed on Sunday. Then we were so lost and turned around that we eventually got spotted. We were on the mall level, which is closed on the weekend, trying to figure out if we were in the right building even when security saw us. Being that everything was closed we looked suspicious. When we entered we had noticed that a sub place had an outside enterence and was open, so we said we were lost and looking for that. The guy escorted us there the back way and then waited around to help us with the door after our purchase. So we had to buy something. I got a bag of chips and S got a drink. Mission aborted :( We never found the office and didn't even know the dirrection to go in once inside.

When we finally got back I was so confused as to what was going on. We got back right before dinner. I had missed so much. I didn't even know what our demands were and was supposed to be on the flyer team which was already almost done. I eventually got back into the loop and worked with 2 other team members to write the press releases (we had 3). It was a long day. We worked over 12hrs! But it was worth it! This was something I would have never done a year ago... explore a strange city--even with 2 people who live there...

Here are 2 more pics (and I was telling S to stop taking so many pictures):

Me & R getting caught in an elevator that kept going up and down

Coming home (at the UIC EL stop)


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