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Sunday, July 5, 2009

I Was on the Radio Thursday Morning (things that only happen to ADAPTers)

I was up kind of earlyish for me and was actually able to catch part of the local radio morning show while I was contemplating getting out of bed or not. They were doing this thing they call "audio twitter" that apparently they've done before. Except they should have called it "audio facebook" because what they really wanted you to do was call up in a status update format. Something interesting. No "Cheryl has a headache." Why would I call? But then spur of the moment I sprang into action picking up my cell that was next to my bed. They're in my contacts even though I've maybe called them twice in the last 3 years.

"I have a status update. 'Cheryl got caught rolling home in the pouring rain last night.'" OMG it was a tourential downpour Wednesday night, with lightning so close. At one point it got hard to tell the sidewalk from the street, the water was so high. It was really scary. I was so wet and so spazed when I got home I couldn't walk. My legs were shaking and my purse was soaked through as well.

"Rolling?" said the female DJ quizically

"Wheelchair," I replied. The whole conversation with the 3 DJs about how it's an electric chair and it could have shorted, as well as how spotty the storm was, how it really depended on your location, all got on the air.

Then one of the DJs added in this story about how his father used to get mugged all the time walking home from this bar late at night and then discovered if he dropped to the ground and started rolling around the muggers would leave him alone. WTF? What does that have to do with anything?

What's the story? Well I had gone to my second On Our Own meeting completely ignoring the fact that it might rain and intending to take the bus home. There is a bus stop right there, the bus is free for me, and I have an aging chair. Where I was is somewhere between 2-2.5miles from where I live. I'd like to save my battery.

Well I got out of the meeting to find that it was drizleing, and knowing it was going to get worse. F---! The bus doesn't come for another half hr. It's a nicely covered bus stop except it's completely inaccessible-- up a curb with no cut anywhere on that side of the street (of course they're on the other side of the street where there is no cover). After wasting 5min sitting there I realized I could wait a half hr for the bus to come by (or more if it's running late) uncovered and then roll home 2 blocks from my stop or I could gun it and roll the 45mins home hopeing to beat the worst of it. I'd be just as wet either way.

Needless to say I called and scheduled paratransit to pick me up from there Friday evening and they were surprisingly right on time. The building could be hard to find. I got home probably 40mins sooner then if I'd waited for the bus. That's worth the $1.85. I also went online and filled out a complaint form with the MTA. I'm going to be going there 2X a week. Although I have other transportation options available to me, it'd be nice to be able to have the option of taking the bus w/o having to worry about inclemient weather.


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