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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I'm not in the mood to write up a thankful thursday this week. I don't know why. I'll give it a go anyway. This week I am thankful because...

  • mobility (paratransit) picked me up right on time from my shrink today and although there was someone else on there that got dropped off first I still got home in about the same time as waiting for a cab.
  • I am getting my roomate's parent's old couch today. We've been couchless.
  • it's a sleeper sofa. I can have guests :-)
  • my chair didn't short circut in the pouring rain last night.
  • My shrink's office has air conditioning and I got a little repreave from the heat here.
  • I got off all of the SSRIs and feel so much better. I'm one of the 4% of people who ends up doomed.
  • I now have a much more responsive support system.
  • of google. That's all I want to publicly share at this point.
  • I'm getting to cook this weekend. It's fun.
  • today I found something I'd been hunting for.

[image description: clipart of a blond haired woman mixing & measuring. She reminds me of me.]


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