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Friday, July 10, 2009

AYS Day 4: The Action

Someone please let me know if my recount has some holes in it. It's been awhile. Also, I already have some photos from the action in other posts.

[image description: rolling to OCR single file, no gaps (almost)]

After a long day the day before, the last day of the summit started bright and early at 7:30am. I made it down to the lobby just in time. After a somewhat late start we left (single file, no gaps!) to roll to the nearest "EL" station. We were lucky that one of the trainers had rented a car, so he and his fiance left at the same time we did to drive to OCR to scout out where we were going since we hit a dead end the day before. I learned a lot about traveling in large groups of gimps on public transit that day. It took us about an hr and a half to get there and google maps had said it was less then 3mi from our dorm. Although that gave our scouters pleanty of time. They were able to report to us what to expect in advance--security had a stick up their ass as expected.

When we got to the complex we got very turned around and had to stop, regroup, retrace our steps, go out, and back in another door. Then our scouters were able to lead us to them by phone. Security checked a few IDs, asked us where we were going, and refused to let us go any further. We would have to leave, they said. I was a little confused during this time because I was out of ear shot of it all. Finally I guess they realized we were not leaving and a call was made to OCR. Celeste Davis, Region Five's second in command came down. I wish I could quote to you some of the things that she said, but it has been too long (geez, about a month).

Basically she told us that she couldn't make us an appt with Valarie because she did not have her calander and couldn't make appts for her anyway. So bring her down, we said, or just bring down her calander. Doesn't matter to us. She said that Valarie couldn't come down because she was in a very important 2 day conference that she (Celeste) was supposed to be in as well. It went back and forth like that for awhile. Finally she said she'd sign something that said she agreed to call and schedule a date by 5pm that day. WTF?!?! How do we know she'd call?

We all went and huddled. Some people were going to cave into that. Someone else had said to me "How do we really know she's in a conference?" I brought up that point. They could be lying. Put those 2 posibilities together and we decided it was a no go. After we showed Celeste our good and bad press releases she went up and got Valarie. "You know," I said, "If you'd just gone right up and got a calander you'd have been back up in that conference a long time ago."UGH! SERIOUSLY! Just DO IT! I was thinking. It really got me going. I love to argue.

Valarie finally came down and appologized that we were down there as long as we were. She said she would have come down right away if she knew we were there. I believe that she was sincere, but I think other people that were there got another impression. She talked about how much she liked working with ADAPT when she worked in Denver, looked over our demands and discussed them, signed them, and set up a date for a conference call on the 26th. It was a win for us that took way shorter then expected. We were out of there way before noon.


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