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Monday, February 14, 2011

I'm Hiring My First PA

To follow up from last years Valentine's Day post I will be starting horseback riding lessons in about 6 weeks I hope! I will be starting a temporary part time job and will be saving most of that $ for horseback riding lessons. I can hopefully stretch the $ out for a year by only going once every other week. The problem, which is not a problem is that paratransit only operates within .75mi of a bus/train line and of course barns are in the country and buses typically don't operate in the country.

I was fortunate enough to find a barn in civilization that has both a typical and therapeutic riding program, but of course it is still 0.9mi from the closest bus stop says google maps, and the paratransit scheduler people say it's 1 street too far. Although I could find the closest possible address and huff it, that just isn't my idea of stress relief. That's stress creation, and riding is supposed to be stress relief. So I'll be paying someone (a student) to drive me there and back. There is a state program that could pay back most of the $, but I've heard there's a waiting list, so I'll be paying out of pocket and looking for someone who'll do it for cheap. I have several options of places to look. I'm rather excited!

Any advice for a first time employer?


Carl said...

Make sure you keep us posted on how it goes, I'm interested in hiring someone myself relatively soon.


Holden said...

Yeah, definitely update us on that! I'm in the process of hiring my first PA too. I interviewed two people this weekend and it was an interesting experience. I feel sort of lost since this is my first go at it and I have a friend with some PA horror stories.

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