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Friday, February 18, 2011

Thinking of Starting a Mah Jongg Game

Having absolutely nothing to do with any of the typical topics of this blog, I went out shopping yesterday to buy accessories for my dress for my brother's fast approaching wedding, and the accessory store we went to had 3 pairs of earings, each tiny mah jongg tiles in a different suit. As earrings were being sold "2 for" we got earrings for me for the wedding and my mom got a pair of mah jongg earrings for a present for a friend.

I've been thinking about mah jongg since then. Not the computerized game, but the actual board game [see right] that Chinese men and Jewish women play. My mom taught me how to play when I was 13 or 14 while I was home for months after my largest surgery. I have my own set and I used to play all the time with her friends and occasionally her friends daughters, but like horseback riding, playing mah jongg is another one of those things that I used to enjoy which I haven't partaken in in long time.

Mostly older Jewish women play mah jongg and there are a lot of seniors in my building. I don't live in the most Jewish area of Baltimore, but any area of Baltimore has a higher Jewish population then most of the country. So I am thinking of trying to set up an every other Monday evening mah jongg and chinese food night in my building's party room with women who live here and also play. Something to use my mind. A thought.


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