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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Things Only an ADAPTer Would Say: Back In Time Post #2

I found this post saved as a draft from way back in 2009. I don't know why I never published it, so I'll publish it today because I just don't have the umph to post something new.

On June 26th, 2009 I went up to my friends' apt to make the 2hr conference call to the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) at the federal Department of Health & Human Services in Chicago. My friends have a landline with free long distance and I have a cell on a family plan, which at that time didn't have many minutes on it. A few days before my friends had been cleaning and uncovered a box full of toys that had been left out for me to play with. Things like buttons, brightly colored vests to be worn when you are rolling in the street, bumper stickers, and 7 sets of handcuffs were in there. Man had they been holding out on me. I've been wanting a disabled and proud bumper sticker (right) to put on my chair for ages and there they had several hiding out in their closet. I put that on my chair right away [it fell off rather quickly], but when I left I forgot my handcuffs. I wanted to hang them on my bedroom door for decoration.

The next day I went up to their apartment for dinner and a movie. I walked into my apartment afterwords, went straight into the kitchen to get something to drink to take my prozac with (glad I'm off that), sat down at the table and went "Oh man! I forgot my handcuffs again!"

My roomate just looked at me. "If you took that out of context..." Then I went "She had this box of toys that she left for me to go through [oops... how does that sound?] and there were several pairs of handcuffs in there."

The story only gets better. The next day I went up there after an advocacy group (CDRC) meeting to get my handcuffs and chill. I had taken the left over pizza from the meeting, so when I left I took my pizza box & my handcuffs (still in the package) onto the elevator that somebody was already on. She looked at me. "Pizza and handcuffs... must have been some party."

"It's a long story I said."
These handcuffs have useless keys because they have a super safety. The package says they are for use by ages 8+. Any one else find it disturbing that 8 year olds are being encouraged to play with handcuffs? Even if they are playing cops and robbers... ADAPT babies are another story :)


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