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Sunday, February 27, 2011

An Update on Finding a PA

So far, NADA. I live within a mile of 2 different schools, both with equestrian teams. One has a barn on the premises and their coach is on faculty full time, so I sent her an email a week and a half ago. I've heard nothing back. 2 days ago I posted on the other school's equestrian team's facebook group and sent something to their gmail. Nothing, but it has only been 2 days.

[this picture of me and Cadance the horse is 3 years old, not new, FYI]

I'm getting nervous, being that it's almost March. I have options of either going the look for a student that can drive but who doesn't know their way around a horse route (sending 2 more emails, which is free) or putting classified ads in both of the school's papers. That gets pricy. One school charges $24 for the first 60 words and the other charges $10 for the first 30. Being that I had trouble getting it down to 60 (see below) I'd probably just submit a 60 word ad there too, which will cost $19. Unless someone can help me cut it down.
Disabled & looking to hire student to pick me up at *censored* at 1:45, EVERY OTHER THURSDAY, starting April 7, drive me to *censored* Horse Center, *censored city*, help me tack my horse, drive me home, 2/3mi from *censored school*. Through 2011-2012 school year preferred, through end of Sept 2011 minimum. Pays $25 cash EVERY OTHER WEEK. Contact via email *censored*
So what would you do? Emails or classifieds?


Anonymous said...

Hi Cheryl,
I am Martha, a sociology major from Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania. I am blind, have depression, and work with a service dog. I am doing research about bloggers with disabilities. Since blogs are fairly recent, they have not been studied often, and as with most sociological research, disability is rarely discussed. If disability is studied, it is done by able-bodied people. I have enjoyed reading your blog and would like to interview you about why you blog about disability, advantages and disadvantages of blogging, ETC if you are interested. If you decide to participate, no identifying information will be used.

Thank you,

Cheryl said...

SURE! How do I contact you?

Anonymous said...

Disabled, hiring student, pick up 1:45 every other Thursday at *censored* starting April 7, drive to/from *censored* Horse Center, *censored city*, help tack horse, drive home. $25 cash biweekly. *your email*

Anonymous said...

My email is


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