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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

All Chairs Look Alike (an Almost Wordless Wednesday)

[Me in my Quickie in 2007 in Israel, left, and in my Jazzy on the train in Chicago in 2009, right]

My Jazzy broke on the 14th. My back right wheel came off. I need to write a post about it. This is not that post.

Fast forward a few days. I run into my across the hall neighbors while I am on my feet. "Hi Cheryl, how are you?" "Not good," I reply, "My chair is broken."

Fast forward a day. I have a habit of sitting in my doorway in my Jazzy while on the internet. This time I'm in my Quickie which I have gone periods of over a year without using. It's a piece of crap. Across the hall neighbor walks out of her apt with her laundry. "I see you got your chair fixed," she says. "No," I say, "This is my other one."

2 nights ago coming home from Annapolis I walk into the lobby of my building pushing my Quickie from behind. The woman working the 4-12 shift at the front desk goes "I see you got your chair fixed."

Apparently all chairs look exactly alike.


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