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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Quote From Some Random Guy

Yesterday I went to Annapolis for the senate hearing on the "Lorraine Sheehan Health & Community Services Act." I can't tell if it went well or not, we shall see. This post isn't really about that.

I got picked up by paratransit where I live and got to Annapolis right about the time I said I needed to be there, however my 5:15 pick up from Annapolis that was supposed to take me to OOO didn't come until after 8. While I was waiting in the lobby of the Miller Senate Office Complex for 3hrs (thank g-d I had brought both my lunch and dinner with me) 2 crowds of people from 2 different events both arrived and left. I got many puzzled looks from people on their way out.

At about 7:30 I even got offered a ride home from some guy. He asked me where I live and I told him the city. He then said he was going my way, he lives in Baltimore. Did I want a ride? A guy I'd never met before...

He then takes out his wallet and is about to show me his business card.
"I work for the Carroll County government," He says. "So you can trust me."
"That's ok," I replied. They said they'd be here about 8."

Since when does working for government make someone more trustworthy?


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