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Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Things That Go Through My Head...

This happened back in Jan, but I decided to save it until Valentines Day most aptly. [image description: 6 colorful dumbbells]

I was at the gym in the free weights section working bicep curls with my teeny tiny 8lb dumbbell. Usually I sit sideways on one of the benches turning my neck to the side to look at my form in the mirror. However any off kilterness in anyone's position could result in injury, and while yes, this was only an 8lb dumbbell, I should still be looking forward. That, and well, straddling the bench is a good stretch for my extremely tight right adductor (upper inner thigh muscle). So I did. I had a good amount of working botox to prevent this from hurting, but I most certainly could feel it.

The first thought that went through my head was kind of concurrent with the second, which was that I wish I was still horseback riding, horses are way wider and I'd be so much looser.

The second? I should do this more often. It'd be good to keep my sex muscles loose!

So sorry to creep you out mom, but I'm getting pretty close to 25.


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