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Monday, February 15, 2010

Screw you WBAL!

I don't own a TV so last night I went online to check out the predicted snow fall for today (seriously, 80in isn't enough for a winter?) in the hopes that it won't impact my trip to Annapolis for a bunch of budget hearings, and found a video featured lower down on the main page of the local NBC station, Coming to Terms with Depression. Hmmm... I thought, and clicked. The segment was an interview with author/blogger Therese Borchard who just released a book that has the same title as her blog, Beyond Blue: Surviving Depression & Anxiety and Making the Best of Bad Genes. I so have to order this book. It sounds like a keeper. And yes reporter, back to back blizzards CAN impact the "winter blues." Everyone that made it to OOO on Friday was really feeling it, including me.

WBAL, why won't you allow me to embed your video so that I can share it with the world? And WBAL, why won't you provide a transcript of your video below it? You're discriminating against Deaf/HOH viewers.

I will begrudgingly post the link to the video as I think the interview is great and could help some readers.

I did a youtube search in the hopes that some viewer uploaded the interview there, but nope. Here is another interview segment from some other station.

Search Therese Borchard on youtube. She has A LOT of GREAT videos on there that she shot in front of her fireplace. My next few posts will be my comments on some of them.


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