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Friday, February 12, 2010


This is becoming a familiar phrase around Baltimore, as is snomageddon (as used by the governor), and snopocalypse. Baltimore has been stuck in a standstill as we've had three blizzards this winter: Dec 19, Feb 5, and Feb 1o. The grocery stores last week were crazy. I stopped into 3. I've been cooped up in my apartment all week as school was closed, my haircut was canceled, my therapy appt was canceled twice (she's been stuck in her house), 2 support groups were canceled (we're open today) and I even had a funeral canceled due to the snow. Both the public buses and thus paratransit have stopped running at times or have been running on modified schedules. I'm lucky there is a back way from my apt to Barnes and Noble, where I am now and where I went Tues, the only places I've been. I'm trying to save $ by getting rid of a gigantic vice and not having internet in my apt. I wasn't thinking about 2 blizzards in less then a week and not being able to get to school where there is internet. We've had over 80in of snow this winter, a record that beats all records, and are expecting more.

What does this mean? This means I've been going stir crazy bouncing between my bedroom and my friends' apt all week, occasionally the lobby, and am sick and tired of just wearing sweats. YIPPY! This past summer and fall (I'm not sure the exact dates) I did this for weeks on end and didn't care. I didn't want to do anything else and was quite content to hide away. I was pretty depressed and off my meds. It's AMAZING what 2.5 months of consistent meds can do. GET ME OUT OF HERE!!! At least OOO is open tonight! This also means I'm running out of things to write about :-( Being cooped up doesn't help the creative juices...

Here is a picture of a mountain of snow in the parking lot outside B&N:


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