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Friday, February 1, 2008

Call for Papers for a Special Section of Disability Studies Quarterly: Disability and the Undergraduate Classroom

I wasn't sure where the appropriate place was to post this and the discussion boards confuse me now, so I am posting it here. I'm submitting 2 papers I wrote for class.


This special section will feature writing about disability by undergraduate students. To put this important writing in context, the issue will also feature two to three scholarly essays (max 6,000 words) by instructors on teaching disability in the undergraduate classroom. Expected publication Fall 2008.

We invite students to submit papers and projects related to disability--including both traditional papers and multi-modal, online work. An instructor may submit on a student's behalf if appropriate permission has been obtained from the student author.

We welcome student submissions on any disability-related topics such as access, pedogogical or professional issues, disability identity and intersections with other identity categories, disability politics, history, culture, language, or philosophy. We will also consider fiction or poetry with disability themes. Any genre of student work is acceptable, including

* cultural commentaries

* book/film reviews
* critical essays
* research writing
* analysis of disability representations in film, novels, or memoir
* personal narratives
* reflective writing

If you are planning to teach a disability-related course this summer, fall or winter, please consider working this call into your course and/or using your syllabus to invite students to submit their work.

For all selected student work, we will ask the teacher(s) to write a brief, accompanying critical reflection of no more than 250 words, which will offer an explanation of the course and/or assignment, as well as some words about the piece itself and the experience of teaching disability to undergraduate students. We also invite longer scholarly essays by teachers on teaching a disability-themed undergraduate class. This special issue is intended to provide opportunities for student writing *and* to articulate the many ways disability informs pedagogy, with particular focus on writing.

Deadline for submissions: June 30, 2008.

Submissions should be clearly marked "Special Section on the Undergraduate Classroom."

If you have questions, please contact the editors of this special section:

Amy Vidali
Margaret Price
Cynthia Lewiecki-Wilson


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