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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Oh the Crazies That Live in My House

Apparently over Janurary when I wasn't here some girl moved in to the empty room upstairs. I don't like her, she's a little odd, but it might be cultural, she wasn't born here.

Last night I came home at 10:15 after a very long day. She was in the kitchen cooking dinner (who eats that late?). "Hi Cheryl. How are you?"

"Good." really wasn't, had a horrible day, whatever though.

"Have you already had your dinner?"


"What did you eat?"

"A sandwich and stuff."


"I ate it durring class." Had a 4:00-6:40 class last night, same today.

"Did you make it yourself?"


"Oh WOW!!!"

Seriously? 'oh wow.' Is it just me or do I really look that helpless? I could make a PB & J when I was 5. I did more then once when my OT was teaching me how to use a knife. Do I have to hit someone over the head here before they get that all of my limbs work? Guess what??? I made PB & J for dinner tonight as well. IT'S UNBELIEVEABLE.

On a seperate note some other girl moved into the basement while I was out on Sunday. There are 11 people living here if you are starting to wonder, and yes, it is illegal. I came home at 9 something, did stuff in my room and then came out to watch the end of the Grammys. She probably knew me for a half hour when she said something so innapropriate that I'm not even going to repeat it.


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