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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Pros & Cons of Having an Occupational Therapist as a Professor

I find it interesting that there will be a lapse in my blogging and then all of a sudden I will have 2 posts on the same day. Anyway...

This semester I am taking small group dynamics (again) with the same professor. She's great. She has her undergrad (and maybe a masters) in OT and a PhD in psychology. It makes for an interesting combination. Also, she's worked in inpatient psyc so if my brain were to get all screwy again she's easy to work with. But this isn't directly related to this post.

So last Tues I went to class and my left arm was really acting up. This poses a problem as I'm left handed. The good thing about Towson is that there are usually 2 or 3 left handed desks in every classroom. I know that's not true with every school. Especially when my arm is acting up it helps to have my elbow supported. I have no idea how that works, but whatever. So anyway I walk into the classroom and did 2 quick scans of the room. No left handed desk. Uh oh. Now I never trust myself that something really isn't there because I have serious scaning issues. So I go up to the professor and say "Usually there are 2 or 3 left handed desks in every room. Is it just me or are there not any in here? Because if there aren't I'll get one." What I was meaning was that immediately after class I would call the head of disability support who loves me and she would then immeadiately call whomever and there would be a desk there for me by the next class. But... this is AWESOME... Without hesitation she goes into the classroom next door interrupts an entire class, goes to the back of a room, grabs a desk, and brings it over to me right before class started. Again, seriously AWESOME.

The con of having an OT as a professor is that she actually expects me to be on time to class. I'm frequently 20 minutes late for class. Either A) I had transportation or B) I got carried away with something and called a cab late or C) Which is never a case in this class, I just don't feel like sitting in class so I leave late knowing that no other professor will say anything. They all let it slide. Half the time I walk into class with crutches. While I generally believe in equal treatment, sometimes it's nice to let disability work to your favor. But nope, not here. Plus today I even woke up 4hrs before class, but I was sitting on Disaboom reading blogs and then went "CRAP! Look at the time..."

Hasn't she ever heard of crip time??? I'm also Jewish and possibly have ADD (the jury's still out on that one) so I'm trippley screwed. I really can't help it...


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