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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I *Heart* Brotherhood & Campus Cops

Who is the idiot who decided to keep school open during an ice storm? Then again, why did I stay at school when I didn't absolutely have to? Maybe I'm the idiot? Hmmm... something to ponder... Anyhoo, so I went to my 12:30 class and then I went to the union to mail my mom & grandma their valentine's day cards real quick before I had to dash to disability support for a meeting. It was icing out, but not so bad. I could handle it myself no prob.

After the meeting I dashed to my 4:00 class. A little more ice, but still managable. He let us out at ten after 5:00 instead of keeping us until 6:40. It's family law class and um, he's totally cool with giving everyone free law advice, so I stayed after and discussed a potential legal action that I may or may not have to take against the university (I hope I don't, but I wanted to know where I stood in advance so that I can be kick a$$ if it comes to it). I'll blog about this at another time in more detail, but does it fall under the rehabilitation act or ADA? I'm confused. Turns out I wasn't wrong. It does fall under both, and he'll come to bat for me if/when it comes to it.

Anyway, I'm in a co-ed frat and this week is rush. I was REALLY looking forward to meeting up at 8:00 and going for some free pancakes. As well as brotherhood & campus cops, I also heart Children's Miracle Network. Man were my taste buds set on $5 pancakes ($5 donation that is). So like I've been doing a lot lately I then 'pretended to study.' I returned some phone calls, I checked some blogs out on Disaboom, checked out facebook, and of course checked my email. IHOP was canceled due to ice. At least SOMEBODY has a brain. BUT, we were meeting in the union and picking up pizza. I could be down for some free pizza I decided. I'm already here, might as well stay right? So when I was done with everything I played hearts and waited. This is where the 'I'm the idiot' part comes in, not thinking the ice would be much worse after 4hrs.

So I put one toe outside and went oh god. Uh, what do I do? Do I sleep on a wooden bench in the hallway? It'd be nice to not be late for school tomorrow for once. But what if school is closed? Then I'm held captive in an empty building. Bad idea. Next idea, call my president and ask her to send someone over to rescue me. A few minutes later, it occurs to me (geez I am such an idiot) call the campus cops and have them rescue me. But two girls were already on their way over so I just waited for them.

Jenn, if you're reading this on facebook, I REALLY HEART YOU. Hope you feel better sweety. See I was doing good for a bit and then I fell and Jenn came down with me. She got hurt and I'm completely fine. Next I thought CRAP!!! How do I get up? Even with two girls, there is ice under me. True to me, the first thing I decided to do instinctively was to laugh. "That was really funny guys." Apparently there were two campus cops who had been watching us, but who up to then had thought we were ok, who came over and hoisted me up and gave us a ride to the union.

We got into the car and I was like "Man I wished I'd had a camera." Then after the police guy called in an incident code I perked up. "Am I going to make the police blotter in the paper on Thurs???"

On the way out of the union I got a nice tip from Nick. Don't pick your feet up. I don't do ice usually. It would have been nice if I'd known that before.


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