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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Oh the Irony

Now that I want to stay up, I'm having trouble staying up. Maybe blogging will help?

My mom does youth groups for a living. When the high schoolers do overnights in the shul she pays me to stay up all night so she doesn't have to. I don't mind it, I'm young and it's easy money that I REALLY need. I'm a poor starving student. How hard could it be this time I figured? After weeks of not being able to sleep this was supposed to be a piece of cake. I even purposefully took my antidepressant late so it would keep me wired. I took my first one around 3:00pm and my second at 8:30pm. Combined with my moodstabilizer I've been completely wired lately. I expected to be good til about 4:00am. I became a zombie around 2:00am. It's 3:30am and I'm blogging in the office keeping an ear out with the door open because none of the 20+ kids are asleep. I learned that moodstabilizer + antidepresent is a great combo for an all nighter, but just one or the other does not do the trick. I took the moodstabilizer at 10:30 yesterday morning. I guess it had worn off before 2:00am. All of the high schoolers are supposed to be gone by 9:30 but then the middle schoolers are comming from 10:30 to 3:00 to watch both High School Musical & High School Musical 2, and I volunteered to stay. It won't be bad I thought. I stayed up for 33ish hours straight once a week when my sleep schedule was its funkiest because it was easier to not bother to go to sleep when I had to be somewhere in the morning. Today is going to be interesting. But I really want to see High School Musical. I work with kids and I still haven't seen it. I've been feeling so out of the loop.


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