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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I Hope I Didn't Really Screw Things Up...

I called my DORS (voc rehab) counselor because I need to go in and sign my paperwork so that they will pay next semester's tuition. With both of my old DORS counselors if I don't call, they would make an appointment for me-- always at a time when I couldn't be there of course. I have a feeling that the new one forgot all about me. This one is youngish and new to DORS, I just started with her in August. When I first met her I thought finally, finally they gave me someone with a brain. Of course that was too good to be true. I had an incidence back in Oct. with my field placement for class, where I both emailed her and called my old OT. The issue had a very simple solution which the OT came up with in less then 5 mins. DORS counselor told me that there was nothing that could be done. But that's a whole other story. Anyway, I called her 2hrs ago to make that appointment and she just called me back and says "you need to bring in a copy of your grades from last semester..." at which point I cut her off and said "I didn't get any." Mind you somewhere in my sent email folder I have a copy of the email I sent her where I told her I took a medical withdrawl and that I found out I'm bipolar. For last semester I have 3 withdraws and an incomplete for my workshop, which I did as an independent study (it will very soon become an A). I understand she has a few hundred clients probably, but shouldn't she pull out my file before she calls me back? So she says, "Well, when you get them..." at which point I cut her off again. "No, I'm not getting any. I withdrew." Like HELLO. Am I asking too much? She even answered that email. Never did she say anything about it affecting my status with them, so I took that to mean everything was still A-OK. Now I feel like she's so clueless that maybe I'm not getting money from them anymore. That of course is a problem. I guess I'll find out tomorrow morning when I go there. All she then said on the phone was "You need to bring proof of that and your schedule for next semester." My schedule for next semester isn't finalized. I'm signed up for more credits then I know I'm taking, just to hold my spots. I have a feeling it's going to be interesting tomorrow.


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