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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Apples to Apples

Just a quick post for once. Again, I was not planning on writing posts about my friends--serious disability posts only. Besides, it should be their choice whether or not they want their stuff broadcast over the internet. But I am not using names, so I'm slipping this post in here.

So 3 of my closest friends and I were all playing Apples to Apples while we were waiting for the ball to drop. If you don't know how to play, I am bad at explaining things, but go check it out--it's great. As a disclaimer, between us we have physical, learning, and mental disabilities represented. Actually we all have various combinations of multiple issues. So I was the judge and the word I put down was tame. I don't remember what the other words were that I picked up. The last one I picked up was amputations. I do not ever recall laughing so hard in my life. I turned bright red, almost peed my pants (I only have the very mildest of bladder issues so it really does mean I was laughing hard), and was starting to have trouble breathing. We all were laughing, but none as hard as me. What does this say about us as a group; especially about me as an individual? Am I sick and twisted? It's not the word in and of itself that was so funny, but rather the fact that it came out of sheer nowhere and maybe a little because of the particular group I was with. Though maybe it's a good thing that I'm already on some serious psychiatric medications...


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