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Sunday, August 2, 2009

How Tilite Makes Their Chairs

I have a botox appt in 2 weeks and I've decided to seriously discuss chairs as opposed to vaguely as I did over a year ago. So I've been looking at Quickies, Jazzys/Quantum Rehab (I need 2 chairs), and Tilite. Tilites are the sexyist of sexy chairs as far as I'm concerned. They make me drool. The problem? both Quantum and Tilite have colored wheels and spokes but tilite has colored seating and Quantum doesn't, but has colored casters. Does colored seating win out? I always thought I'd get another Quickie, thought they were the gold standard like Jazzys, but they only have colored frames. They lose. Plus, I think titanium is a more durable metal. Should I even give a crap what my wheels look like when most of the time I'll have my power assist on? I won't when I travel I think, I'm affraid the flight people will mess with them!

Here's a video I found of how Tilite makes their chairs. Totally cool!


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