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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Going Wheelchair Shopping Friday

My mom decided that it isn't such a great idea to mix new parts with 8.5 year old ones. I say "but do I really need 3 chairs?" And of course she says "It will be good because then you'll have a spare chair at home." If this is the first time you've read my blog, I walk, and I haven't needed a chair at home since I was 5 (other then surgery). That is something I really didn't need to hear, as I'm already concerned that my mobility is deteriorating. Anyway, we called my doc to get a revised perscription faxed to the dealer. Afterall, that's what she wanted to do in the first place too. My concern was getting a whole new chair before memorial day (I'd believe that when I see pigs fly), but now that my hospital placement is going to be NEXT June (09) I don't have to worry. Might as well go for it seeing as we called insurance and since I met my 2nd deductable and they're in network, it will be covered 100%. If I waited until the summer to go for it the deductable starts all over.

So Friday we are going to Alexandria to pick me out a whole new chair. I'M SO EXCITED! As much as I don't want to have a new chair, I've always loved going shopping for one. I'll have a mental breakdown the day it shows up at my door, but I can worry about that 8-12 months from now. Right now model chairs are fun to play with (how old am I???). In particular, I can't wait to try out some e. motion wheels. A girl at school has some and they look awesome. Anyone on here have some that can give me a testimonial? Anyone have any testimonials about anything else???

My mom wants to tell me that this is going to be complicated, but I disagree. It isn't the first chair I've ever had, and I've also done my homework. It looks as if I'm getting the same chair I already have, the Quickie 2. I'm trying to figure out what the difference is between that and the Quickie 2HP. I know that I want something that looks like a substantial chair, not something that fades into the background. Has anyone seen Carlana's chair on The Big Give? I can't figure out how she sits in that thing all day. There's nothing there. I keep reminding myself that from the waist up she has normal muscle tone, while I'm, well, a spaz. I want a manual chair that folds, but not top down. Rigid frames are too hard to throw in someone's trunk. Power assist wheels are non-negotiable. I wish they had been invented when I got my current manual. My arms are weak. I know I also want a hard back, signifigant arm rests, a clothes guard (can't understand why anyone wouldn't get one), a crutch holder, and foot plates that extend to the full length of my foot. My current ones only cover like half of it and they annoy me. Also, very unfortunately, since this is going to be my "work chair" I might have to spring for some foot straps so I my awful knee doesn't make me look odd. The idea of foot straps does not sit well with me, because when my knee wants to spaz and there is no room for it to do so (like in the back of a car) I feel like I want to crawl out of my skin. But I figure I can always get them and not use them as opposed to needing them and not having them. Oh, and as a side note, never try to enter a chair with clothes guards from the side. The first time you may get lucky and just crack it, but the second time you will most definately break the whole thing off Embarrassed .

Anyone have something they can't live without? I'm planning to have this chair into my 30s so I want it to be perfect.


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