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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Disability & Its Effects on the Family

On occasion I have been asked by a professor in my department to speak to one of their classes about my personal experiances as a PWD. I'm always more than happy to do so. I could go off for awhile about why I must/why it is important for me etc etc, but that would be preaching to the choir. Anyway, at the beginning of this semester I took the liberty of emailing the 3 professors that teach family resources and volunteering myself upfront. Only one professor expressed interest, but unfortunately timing issues is preventing that particular presentation. I guess I'm flattered though that she thinks enough of me that basically, she's willing to take me for whatever she can get. What fits best is for me to come to her family relationships class. In 2 or 3 weeks I will be talking about disability's effect on family dynamics. I told her that this is not something I had done before, but that I was up to the challenge. Giving the same speech time and time again doesn't do either me or the people being "forced" to listen to me any good. There's one problem though. I believe strongly that the most effective learning comes from hearing first person accounts. I can talk on this topic long enough, I can even answer questions on it, but I'm the PWD, not the family member. I can talk about what things were like in my family, but in this particular case my older brother is actually way more qualified to speak on the topic. Am I getting my point across? I don't know if I'm asking for your input, suggestions, guidance, or what, but I thought it'd be good to throw the topic out into the blogsphere and see what comes of it.


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