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Monday, August 17, 2009

Rally Against Budget Cuts to DD Services in Maryland

The state of Maryland continues to struggle with a budget deficit of about $750M. $280M was cut last month which resulted in the elimination of the .9% inflationary increase for DD (developmental disability) providers. Another $470M in cuts will be proposed at the Board of Public Works on August 26. There is a good chance that this round of cuts will include a reduction to the base reimbursement rates to DD providers, and could be as much as 2%.

Though we don’t want to unnecessarily alarm you, we do feel this potential cut is a real threat and we need to take action. To that end, we urge you to attend:

A Rally scheduled for Wednesday, August 19 at 10:30am
On Lawyer’s Mall in Annapolis in front of the State House

We need people with disabilities, families, direct support and agency staff, and board members to attend the rally and OPPOSE any further reductions to funding for community-based DD services.

Our goal is to have hundreds of people come to Annapolis to voice their opposition to balancing the state’s budget by cutting supports to people with developmental disabilities and their families.

Please help us make this a robust, and visual event. Hand made signs (no sticks allowed, per the police) are encouraged.

If you care about this issue, PLEASE take the time to come to Annapolis on the 19th. We need to do everything we can to convey to the Governor and the members of the Board of Public Works that cutting funding for people with developmental disabilities is not an acceptable option.

ALERT: Impending Budget Cuts May Hurt Marylanders with Developmental Disabilities


If community-based developmental disability service providers face a budget cut this year, the effect could be disastrous for people receiving services and low-wage direct support staff.

Due to years of chronic under-funding, one in three providers operate with a budget deficit, making them highly vulnerable to reduced capacity and closure if budget cuts are implemented.

Community providers are left with few options to absorb further budget cuts without negatively impacting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The impact of budget cuts may include:

· discharges of some people with significant disabilities currently receiving services, as their care and support is inadequately funded by the state

· discontinuing of uncompensated care, including nursing services, behavioral supports, and unfunded transportation

· deteriorating conditions of group homes in local communities

· reduced staffing levels

· decreased health care coverage for low-wage direct support workers and their children

· potential closure of whole programs

Inequity continues in funding for people in state institutions vs. in community services:

· While DHMH reimburses community providers $9.18 per hour for direct support staff, recent starting salaries for direct support staff at State Residential Centers were advertised at $12.42 per hour.

The O’Malley Administration made a commitment to the people who left the Rosewood Center:

· In the Governor’s January 2008 press release announcing the closure of the Rosewood Center, DHMH Secretary John Colmers said “Our commitment has been, and remains to work individually with each resident to provide the best possible care and services without interruption both now and in the future”.

· Cutting funding to community providers would potentially jeopardize the care and supports that people with developmental disabilities receive in the community, including the 160 people who transitioned last year from the Rosewood Center to homes and supports in the community.

Cutting DDA Services shifts costs to state programs:

Budget cuts to DDA community providers will likely result in increased costs in other state programs, including:

· Medicaid transportation services
· State Children’s Health Insurance Program
· Uncompensated hospital care

For more information, or to share that you or others from your organization will be able to attend the rally, feel free to contact me by email or phone.

Laura Howell
Executive Director
Maryland Association of Community Services (MACS)
lhowell (at) macsonline (dot) org (to protect her from spam)
10632 Little Patuxent Parkway, Suite 254, Columbia, MD 21044
(Tel) 410-740-5125 (Fax) 410-740-5124


Ellen said...

Hi, Cheryl. It was nice of you to stop by my blog! Wow, this sounds scary, it's great that you're rallying people.

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