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Friday, August 7, 2009

Way to Be on the Ball Sen Cardin...

After 4th of July I was inspired to write letters to all 9 of the MD members of congress who have not shown support for the CCA, plus the President, and thank you notes to Rep Cummings (the only one so far to show support), Sen Harkin, & Rep Davis (the sponsors). I hand wrote them after hearing some statistic about the amount of attn hand written things get vs mass emails. I wanted to make a point, so I spent HOURS. My 10 pleas for support were done on funky green/pink stripe w/giant funky pink flower and my 3 TY notes were done on red cards w/yellow rubber duckies all over. Hey, I figured if I REALLY wanted to get noticed...

Today I got a letter back from Sen Cardin, dated July 27, 2009:

Dear Ms *censored*:

Thank you for contacting me in support of the Community Choice Act.

The next paragraph goes on to explain to me what the CCA is like I don't already know that... who contacted who first here?????

The Community Choice Act, S.799, was introduced by Senator Tom Harkin on March 7, 2007. The Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions held a hearing on the legislation on July 10, 2007. Unfortunately, this legislation was not reported out of Committee before the end of the 110th Congress. Please be assured that I will remember your support for this legislation if it is introduced during the 111th Congress. [emphasis added]

[image description: a beach ball. Get it? On the BALL... lol]

I don't have much faith in someone whose staff can't do a simple proof read before sending out a form letter. That, and I mean, if you're too busy to keep track of the year and every bill #, a simple google search will tell you what is in my sidebar--It's 2009 & the CCA was reintroduced into the 111th Congress on March 23 by Sen Harkin as S.683.

Sen Mikulski's people can at least send me an email referencing the right bill # even if all the rest of it rambles on about the CLASS act, which is NOT THE POINT!!!!


Anonymous said...

Like this post! Love the follow through on a good intention and actual action. If himself is better, he may join you in the CCA Orange! I'll be working probably. G

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