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Saturday, January 1, 2011


I think I saw someone do this last year, but I don't remember who. Here is the first sentence of my first post of every month of 2010:

Jan: I know there are many more people that read my blog and don't comment than people who read my blog and comment

Feb: If you've visited my blog at all over the last three weeks you probably noticed my plea for money fixed at the top of this blog.


April: In my B&N the teen self help section is right next to the bathroom, and so I've often found myself flipping through the anxiety workbook for teens on the way to or from.

May: It's that time of year again!

June: To quote one of Maryland's long time CIL directors, from the other day, we don't do case management.

July: video and no text

Aug: About 2 weeks ago I put out a call to some bloggers I am FB friends with.

Sept: I've been meaning to get this up--it's too bad you can't read my shirt.

Oct: ECT ruins lives.

Nov: I don't know how I got to Virginia Wood's blog.

Dec: Our Fallen Brothers and Sister


Georgina Dollface said...

LOL! September's first line by itself just cracks me up! This was a very interesting set-up for a post. I wonder how wierd and wonderful my first lines would sound when taken out of context! Wishing you all the best in 2011! - G

OneEar said...

My shoes smell fruity. What happened?

Try that for a post topic.

Cheryl said...

@OneEar LOL. Thanks for commenting! How'd you find me?

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