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Monday, August 2, 2010

Calling all Bloggers (or just blog readers)...

About 2 weeks ago I put out a call to some bloggers I am FB friends with. I'm going on vacation starting early Friday morning and I thought instead of not posting I would line up some guest posters. Unfortunately I only got 1 response as some people are busy recovering from knee surgery or going through other tough times, some are just plain busy, and some never answered at all.

So I am putting this out to everyone now. Not just my FB blogger friends. If you have a blog and I'm not FB friends w/you, if I'm FB friends (or real friends, that's a shocker, people have real live friends still) w/you and you don't have a blog, if you're just a regular reader and don't have a blog, if you want an outlet for any topic you want, comment here and I'll try to hook up with you.



Emma said...

I'll write a guest post for you if you want. Have a great trip!

Cheryl said...

YOU ROCK! I don't know why I've never facebooked you before... my email is in my profile or you can just fb message me

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