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Monday, January 10, 2011

It's [Inter]national Delurking Week!

I think I got it wrong last year. Delurking week is the second full week of the year, not the first. If you want to participate on your own blog just google image delurking week. There are all kinds of great images to choose from besides this cat, which is so adorable I just want to take it home with me.

What is delurking week you ask? Well when you regularly read a blog or a message board but you have never posted / commented you are called a "lurker". Someone said that sounds kind of sinister, but that's what it is. Bloggers by our very nature are rather narcissistic, and we LOVE when people leave comments. Blogging to me is not one sided, it's an attempt to start a conversation. Sometimes I might even get the slightest bit depressed if I don't get as many comments from a post as I thought I would.

Delurking Week is a time when we bloggers peer pressure you to come out of the shadows and say "HELLO!" I know I've gathered a lot of public followers this past year, but I also know that most of you don't comment and that there are quite a few more of you that are regular readers and aren't public. So...
I want to meet you, I really do. Tell me a little bit about yourself. It's the least you can do, you sure know a lot about me.

I'll also be doing a bit of delurking this week too. I'm guilty of not always commenting as well...


kt moxie said...

I'm here! I've posted a few times, but I read all the time! GREAT blog.

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