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Saturday, November 20, 2010

We're All Just Trying to Survive

Is it the economy or the nature of the disability or just the type of person who would opt to go to a support group? Or a little of all the above? Why is it that everyone I associate with (myself included) is struggling so much? Where are the successful people with psychiatric diagnoses? The Andy Imparatos of this world? They're not coming to my support group.

Of course I shouldn't put Andy on a pedestal, my best friend reminds me that people are people and you shouldn't ever put anyone on a pedestal. It's not Andy per se, but rather the idea of Andy. The doctor, lawyer, teacher, who is still a doctor, lawyer, teacher, not someone who used to be and is now on SSDI. People who are not working 2 jobs to afford their medications. Does that even exist in this world? In this country? Maybe in England? I don't know a thing about the NHS.

We're all surviving in the system and that's an accomplishment. Don't get me wrong, that's a HUGE accomplishment. We've only had 1 fatality, a death "from depression" as my best friend puts it. Survival is HARD, tough, a LONG road worth fighting for. But I wonder if in all this surviving we've forgotten that what we really should be doing is fighting not just to survive, but to THRIVE. We CAN thrive. It is possible. There is more then 1 Andy Imparato, Kay Jamison in this world.

The question that I wonder is if anyone really is thriving at all in this economy, psyc disability or not? Is everyone just surviving? I think that's it. The world just sucks right now is all. Although those of us attending support groups, whatever they are for, are always going to be having a bit of a harder time at life, then those who have other types of support systems. It's just the way things are. But just because I don't always see people who are THRIVING doesn't mean they're not there, that it's not possible. That's an important thing to remember.


Chrissy said...

Something you wrote reminded me of a real "aha" moment in my recovery...I hate the word survivor. Hate it hate it hate it. I dont want to survive I want to SURMOUNT---to thrive and go forward. Love reading your thoughts

Emma said...

Ever heard of Stephen Fry? He's a pretty famous Brit, successful and he's got a psych diagnosis, I think bipolar but I would need to google to check.

And here in the UK no one should be worrying about how to afford prescriptions (although I'm sure some people do). We pay a fixed amount for any prescription which is £7.20 atm regardless of how much the drug actually costs the NHS. If you anticipate having more than 14 prescriptions in a year you can get a prepayment certificate which costs the same as that many prescriptions and then all of your meds are free even if you have more than 14 prescriptions (it's also available for three months for people who expect to get more than I think 4 scripts in that time) Most people are given generics though and prescription drug advertising is banned so it doesn't cause problems.

The Goldfish said...

To add to what Emma says, under a certain low income, and in all of Wales, prescriptions are completely free. So this month I had three different sorts of drugs for free and I have at least one every month. Lots of contraception is totally free (if you get the pill, it's the cost of a prescription charge, but if you have a coil or Mirenna fitted or anything like that, it's free).

The US system baffles me. I honestly think that healthcare is as crucial to a just civilised society as universal free education.

On the issue of thriving, I feel like I'm beginning to after the single most stressful year of my life so far. It's not an economic thrive, but something personal, more precious. You've set me thinking, and I may blog about this soon.

Hope you can move somewhere beyond survival soon, Cheryl.

Whereapy said...

I think they are either
1. in denial or
2. hiding and/or getting private treatment.

Also, well paid pros face potential lawsuits or their company getting sued for their mistakes at work. Can you imagine a lawyer/surgeon admitting to BPD order? End of career.

(Unless you're an actor or creative professional -- they are allowed (perhaps expected) to have psych issues.

Anonymous said...

When some mental health advocates/activists say surviver they mean a surviver of the system. If I had conquered the system it wouldn't still be alive and unhealthy.

Cheryl said...

WOW! A lot of comments quickly on a post that I was considering taking down. I think in a way it's rather judgmental of me. No?

Surmount is an interesting choice of word Chrissy. I like it.

Interesting also to hear about the British health system Emma & Goldfish and glad to hear you're beginning to thrive Goldfish.

Wherapy, your site looks like it'll be interesting.

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