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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lawyer Takes on Psychiatric Industry For Over-Prescribing to Foster Children

Speaking of Zyprexa... I have a friend, who took it as an adult, who had a MASSIVE heart attack and has serious diabetes from taking that. Which is why I am seriously cautious about anything that's been out for less then 5 years...

Also, Monday I spent way too much time online and stumbled across some articles on childhood bipolar. When is childhood bipolar no longer childhood bipolar and is just bipolar? Anyone know? Because I really wish I was diagnosed at 15 and not 22 (lot of years in between there), not that it matters what it's called though... *end tangent*

from Are More Kids Bipolar? That article links to articles from the New York Times and Slate, all good reads.


Ellen said...

Hey. I am paying you a longtime overdue visit. I am sorry if I seemed defensive yesterday, but sometimes you've been a bit, er, tough on me. I really do appreciate your input and smarts.

I don't know much about bipolar. A friend's teen has it, and it is just "bipolar" and not "childhood bipolar."

Cheryl said...

Ellen, thank you for introducing me to Babble. Never heard of it. Why would I have a need to visit a parenting site after all? I had already prescheduled the video to post, but added those great articles thanks to you!

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