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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Towson University DSS, WTF?!?!?!

This video was posted on youtube on Monday. I found it on my Facebook newsfeed last night. Thanks Paula D-W. Here's an article about it. This situation sadly doesn't have me all that surprised. I haven't ever dealt with the Dean of Education, as I wasn't ever an education major of any sort. However, I have dealt with several high up Towson University officials and 3 different people in Disability "Support" Services (DSS). (yes that is me on the cover of their brochure, and I wish I wasn't anymore). My baggage from this post (#12) is strictly from someone I will not name whom I doubt this student has come into contact with. They strictly divide caseloads up by diagnosis over there.

But, I do know the head of DSS quite well, and I am sure they have come in contact with each other at this point. I am wondering WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!?!?! Or I should say NOT DOING. Again DSS is not supporting a student, as their name implies wrongly that they do, but are probably aiding in using this student's diagnosis against her, as was done to me over a year and a half by the person referred to in the post I linked to, not the director. If they are not doing that (MIRACLE) or even if they are, they are most likely standing idly by and not advocating for the rights of this student and the children with which she worked, saying it is not their problem, or just trying to make her go away because it's easier not to deal with her. Telling her to just come back another semester, not realizing the damage that does, dismissing someone.

Of course I am projecting my 3 years of negative experiences onto a situation I know very little about, but I don't see where it would hurt to email DSS to try to light a fire under their ass. They should be working to rectify this and it just sounds from the video like they are not (again, not surprisingly). So, their contact info is here.


Anonymous said...

Maybe I shouldn't be but I am utterly shocked. Also hypomanic. I would like to talk to you about the best way to respond when you get home. Yes, I miss you already. If you want me to go in your apartment tell Gail so she can give me your key.

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