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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sleep is Better Then Sex

There are at least half a dozen things that I want to post about, but right now I am so sleep deprived that I can't think. I don't have anyone I'd feel comfortable asking to be a reference on my resume right now, so I'm trying to kick ass at my summer internship so I can put down my supervisor's boss, the Secretary of the Maryland Department of [keeping hidden from google, but I bet you could guess]. How many people can list a Secretary as a reference? Which means, since it starts in a week, that this week I have to get up earlier then I have in a LONG time. Even though I do not need to be there until 10am, I need to start heading down to the bus at 8:30 (the office is pretty far downtown), and my body is not hardwired for this. I'm NOT a morning person.

So I thought since I am so tired I would blog about sleep. Earlier in the week I had a txt conversation with someone where I said my body hates me. That was after only 2 days of getting up at 7 (since then have been 2 days of 6:30 which have not gone as smoothly). Plenty of people get up at 7. 7 is not ridiculously early. I should be able to count myself as lucky, shouldn't I? Tell that to my CP fatigue.

I also said that I thought my therapist was going to faint after I told her what I was doing. I have a lot riding on this experiance. This person I was texting hasn't known me very long, not quite 4 months, and she's really behind the 8 ball when it comes to my natural behaviors. So she didn't get it. Then I said

not that I would know really but sleep is better then sex
The way I figure it, sex is just a lot of work, a lot of muscle coordination, something I could see being rather difficult in many different aspects for somebody with mobility issues, and right now if I had the choice between sex and sleep (which very unfortunately I do not) I'd choose sleep hands down.


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