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It's ALREADY that time of year again: The ADAPT Fun*Run for Disability Rights is April 22nd 2012. Maryland's fundraising goal is $8,000 this year. Yes, that's right, $8,000

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Friday, May 28, 2010

3 Things People Have Called Me This Week

empathetic, authentic, loving
6 Words That Used to Define Me:
loud, obnoxious, abrasive, explosive, stubborn, blunt
Over the last year I guess I've grown more then I thought I have. I guess when you surround yourself with people that are empathetic, authentic, and loving instead of people who are abrasive and judgmental, they start to rub off on you. Hopefully this means that good things will be coming my way.


Anonymous said...

What words do you call you? Knock knock, where are you? wanna go hunt horses?

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