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Monday, January 23, 2012


Some editions of the Disability Blog Carnival have talked about intersections. The intersection between disability and feminism or religion for example. I've always had a hard time with these and usually skip those.

But today, today I learned something about the intersection of bipolar and CP that is invaluable to me. I shouldn't go to the gym when I'm manic. But of course I wasn't manic in the least this morning. I got home though and the first thought that came into my head was "I feel like death." Not anywhere near the way I felt like death here, but on that spectrum. I haven't slept in 2 days. And even before then I was sleeping enough but it wasn't quality sleep. I was tired but AWAKE! A feeling I HATE! And when I got home I was both more revved up and more worn out. OOPS...

I've realized that there's a delicate balance of energy expenditure when you have CP. Don't use enough and you won't get good quality sleep. You also won't produce enough serotonin. Your body wasn't meant to be sedentary. Use too much and you'll be nonfunctional. Yes this is true for any human being, but for us spazes the tipping point is more sensitive, the balance more precarious. Ok, not new news, but manic episodes can be like bowling balls, and I realized today that I should try very hard not to nudge the ball towards the pins. A spaz does not fall down gracefully, but rather with a thud :-D

My lack of sleep will gently nudge that ball. Each morning I wake up early pushes the ball closer and closer to the pins. So why tempt things? Why expend any more energy then I have to? As much as I need to go to the gym, my personal trainer appointment was probably a bad idea. As much as I need to keep moving (if I wasn't typing I'd be fidgeting), I need to try to keep still. I need to counterbalance the lack of sleep. Slow down the ball, not speed it up.


I had put in a call to my latest psychiatrist yesterday to discuss something different, but of course said, "I'm going away on Friday and I'm manic. what do I do?" instead.

"When did this start? I just saw you."

"Today," I simply answered. I wanted her to think I woke up this way, not that it started 3hrs before she called. I needed her take me seriously.

But she didn't take me seriously. Not enough time. "How do you know?"

How do I articulate it within a 7min phone call, most of which was spent telling her why she can't prescribe anything a psychiatrist would prescribe as the 1st line of defense. Tried them. Don't work. It's taken me well over an hour to write this post; to gather my thoughts.

All I could think of was "I feel like I was run over by a truck." I told her I didn't sleep for the past 2 days (me get up at 6:45? SCARY) and that I know I won't sleep tonight as I have too much energy. She wasn't any help to me because she doesn't understand the intersection of CP and bipolar. She doesn't understand the presentation of my atypical manic episodes and panic attacks. Heck I did say I was irritable for no reason the other day, didn't I? Although I really don't think this is what that stemmed from.

All I have to say to my shrink is "I feel like I was run over by a truck," and somehow she understands. She doesn't even have to say anything. Just a look. A look that says, Uh Huh. Add in 6:45am for good measure, and she'll say "you're probably right."

But my psychiatrist is the 4th psychiatrist who's told me that 6.5hrs of sleep sounded like enough sleep to her. She's the 4th psychiatrist to not understand that when I say that I need 9-10hrs of sleep I mean I need 9-10hrs of sleep a night. She's the 4th psychiatrist to apparently not have any training in chronic fatigue. Does she need to see me a mess to really understand?

I had 1 pdoc who still didn't understand. The pins were down, but the balls kept coming 1 after another without stopping. Couldn't get even 1 pin set up because they were coming so fast I had to keep my hand out of the way! Still she'd just throw up her hands, blame it on me. Blame me for trying to stop the balls using anything I could think up.

I'm trying to be proactive this time. Catch it before the 1st ball has started rolling. Right now it's just about to drop to the ground. Do something to stop it now! To put it back on the shelf, not down the lane.

So how do I know?

Well, I'm generally annoying when I'm manic, and after not being able to stop talking for the previous hour, and suddenly finding my mind racing about nothing in particular, no racing thoughts, just pent up mental energy, my brain screaming "DO SOMETHING!" I put the 2 together immediately and said to myself, OMG I'm manic! Make it stop now! Just those 2 things were enough, combined with the lack of sleep. Add in some long rambling emails within the last couple of days, and the length of this blog post (taken be about 2hrs to do) and you have the cherry on top!

Now is not a good time. Maybe later? After the 9 days straight where I have to be able to sit through meetings or airplane rides without constantly interrupting people, which I do all the time when I'm manic. OK? Can you do that for me brain? Pretty PLEEZZZE?


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