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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Communication, or, How People See You

So yesterday I attempted to discuss my communication difficulties with my shrink, however I did a crappy job of conveying what it was I wanted help trying to improve, because I have communication difficulties.

So then today I went to OOO, and I was like, well ok, I have to come up with something to talk about, so i might as well ask people how to rephrase what it was I had been trying to say. Except I'm afraid I didn't make much sense as I was kind of tongue tied and tripping over my words.
The thing I'm worst at ... well the thing I'm 2nd worst at, besides cleaning, is communication.
After which 2 people, one who has known me maybe 3 months give or take, the other though has known me about 2.5 years, both told me how great they thought I was at communicating. Well ooook.... my entire family will strongly disagree with you, but ooook...

Sometimes I wonder what people use as the basis for impressions, because I just don't get where this one came from!


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