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Friday, September 10, 2010

Today Is World Suicide Prevention Day

I signed up to write over at BloggersUnite (that's the page for the swarm) and then decided that what I want to write about is best suited for Mental Illness Awareness Week next month.

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day sponsored by the world health organization and the International Association for Suicide Prevention. On the event description page the UN states that

On average, almost 3000 people commit suicide daily. For every person who completes a suicide, 20 or more may attempt to end their lives.

I think that it is nice to have a worldwide statistic for once as opposed to just a US statistic as suicide is a global issue. I wonder, the same as everyone knows at least one person with a diabetes and/or cancer diagnosis if everyone also knows at least one person who has attempted / committed suicide. I wouldn't be surprised, although I think my view is skewed based upon the fact that I met the largest chunk of my current friends through a DBSA affiliated support group. I know someone who committed suicide, as do all the people who have been coming to this group since before 2010.

It's unfortunate that this death has had the level of impact it has on me. My life has changed for the better this year, as evidenced by yesterday's post, and this is due in part to how the suicide affected me and those around me. I'd rather the person still be alive of course, as I imagine they would be a huge source of support for me, and I could have been for them had they let me in.

Let me tell you this:

No matter how alone you feel you are in this world, no matter how much you feel like things won't get better, they can and they will. There ARE people who will miss you. If this person had known the impact they had on everyone around them I'm 125% certain they wouldn't have done it. People don't often tell others what their positive impacts are, and that's unfortunate, as I'm sure just this act would reduce suicide rates drastically.

If your support system is dismal, I suggest you click on the link above and see if there is a DBSA affiliated group in your area. It could be a life saver.


Anonymous said...

Cheryl, you are very meaningful to me! Your most standout and unusual characteristic is how kind you are to others of their foibles and challenges. I don't know how you do it. You always have a laugh and kind words instead of treating people like they're a pain in the ass. As for Julie I think you're right. If Julie had let us in and not been so worried that she would treat us poorly due to her depression we could have seen her through. No matter how depressed she was she always laughed at a joke. If only...the reality is she is gone, but she touched our lives so deeply. It is ironic that she built up the dbsa/ooo membership and left it behind for us to care for each other and see each other through not just Julie grief but through all kinds of griefs and joys..Don't you forget all who love you when you feel alone..I live across the street! I haven't had an across the street friend since elementary school!

allucanbe said...

Hi Cheryl,

I'm just reading the many blogs supporting WSPD through BloggersUnite. I'm sorry you lost your friend to suicide, it really does change everything.

I'm a fan of IASP also and like that they are worldwide as I believe this is a worldwide tragedy and we need to realize and recognize suicide is everyone's problem.

We all need to take time to tell those we care about just how much they mean to us, not wait but just do it on a regular basis. So many who cut their lives short as you say feel they're all alone or that they're an imposition, when in reality, like your friend - many cared and will miss them forever.

The journey of those left behind seems to form a common bond that I for one am thankful for. Survivors are some of the strongest, amazing people I've come to know.

Take care, Barb

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