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Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's Voting Season

Candidate Endorsers

I'm posting this just in time as the Maryland primary is Tuesday. The Lorraine Sheehan Health & Community Services act is something very close to my heart. I have a friend who comes across as a single issue voter, but states proudly that she is not. She states that yes, she is a pro-disability voter, but she is also pro-poor people, pro-healthcare, etc. It just so happens that the boundaries between these issues often blur. She, as am I, is a pro-disenfranchised, look out for the underdog voter. This bill captures all of that.

I have written about the act before. In short, Maryland has 2 different alcohol taxes that haven't been raised since 1955 & 1972 respectively. A 10 cent increase would raise $214 million in funds that will be used for direct support for individuals with developmental disabilities, substance abuse treatment, & expanding medicaid eligibility. This has been a multi-year battle, & if you're in Maryland I hope you'll vote pro-alcohol tax this tuesday. I know I won't be voting for 2 of my incumbents...


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