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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kennedy Krieger Introduces I-Skate

I found out about this program a few weeks ago and this is the first chance I have to post. I am SO jealous. They say there is an age cut off of 21 and I am 25. My friends say lie and go for it. I can still pass for 19. They have extra wide ice skates that are supposedly wide enough to accommodate AFOs, which might keep my right ankle stable. I had trouble with that the one time I tried ice skating over 2 years ago (where does time go?). For more info go to Oh how it irks me when videos are not captioned!

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Here is a picture of me attempting to ice skate 2 years ago. Boy could I have used one of those walkers. The thing that I am using was designed for little kids, was not height adjustable as I imagine KKI's are, and was really hard to adapt to be able to use at 5'1". Oh and I was wearing hockey skates.


Adelaide Dupont said...

Captionless videos are irksome!

Alyssa said...

That is a great program that really opens the landscape of opportunities for individuals. I agree, the walkers are a pain, there is no way that they can be good for your back. It is great that more and more sports are providing adaptations so that everyone can become involved.


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