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Monday, April 19, 2010

Are You Sick of me Posting my Letters to Congress?

I wasn't going to post these, but I'm running out of ideas. Keeping up with writing posts 5 days/week is A LOT. So without further ado:

Senator Cardin/Mikulski:

I am writing in strong support of my friend Ari Ne'eman's confirmation to the National Council on Disability.

Ari, a current resident of our state, fights for an inclusive society, so that everyone can obtain the appropriate supports that they need, tailored to them. He fights so that people affected by all types of disabilities can live better lives.

I hope you are not the anonymous senator blocking Mr Ne'man's confirmation. [As the sponsor of Rosa's Law] I'd be ashamed of you [for being a hypocrite]. How could you not [I know that you] support an inclusive society [and]? [took the first 6 words out] I hope that you do, and that if you know the identity of the Senator blocking Mr Ne'eman's confirmation you will pressure them to do the right thing and withdraw their motion.

Cheryl *Censored*
Co-organizer Maryland ADAPT
The words in brackets are what I used to tailor Senator Mikulski's letter to her. You can find the address of your Senator's office by doing a quick google search of their names. If you do not know their names I suggest googling [your state] senators. I also suggest that you mail your letters to their closest local office, and not to DC, as they will be read in a more timely manner, and that you write them by hand on brightly colored stationary, so that they will stand out, as I always do. This time it was a blue glitter gel pen on pink stationary. I am also going to write a thank you note to Obama for sticking his neck out.


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