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Friday, March 12, 2010

What Odd Things Do You Do Because of Your Disability/State of Mind?

I was getting into bed last week sometime when I started thinking about this odd thing that I do. I set up my laptop with a Grey's Anatomy DVD (that I know the words of, but that's not the odd thing), make sure it is at the right volume, and then immediately roll over and pull the covers over my head. You'd think I'd want to watch it, wouldn't you? Not so much now that I know the words, but it's not about the words, or even the particular show. I don't know what it is about falling asleep with the TV on, but there is something to it. I was talking to my shrink last week about how I really think there is some biochemical reaction to the glowing screen, but laptops don't flicker, and we think it would have something to do with the slight flickering of old school TVs.

[image description: my pony blanket. my bed never looks that neat...]

I digress though. The odd thing I wanted to talk about was not that I know lines of GA episodes by heart, not that I've been so tired lately from having to get up @ 8am, even on non-school days (I can't wait until the day that my biorhythms readjust to my new schedule), not that I sleep with my computer in my bed (my mom did for YEARS before she got married, so I don't think that's odd at all, glad I have a double bed), but the fact that I sleep with the covers over my head.

It all started freshman year, 7 years ago, when I went through a pretty bad bout of depression. I was unmedicated by direction of my then treating psychologist, and was just in a bad place. One of the results of this, as with most clinically depressed people, was that my sleep schedule was totally off. I was up late because I went to a party school, so I was generally sleep deprived all year to begin with, and a lot of the time slept all day. It was not unusual for me to sleep 14hrs straight. One time I slept until 4:30pm. That really screwed me up. Not to mention how often I passed out in class.

What does that have to do with anything? Often my sleep would be disturbed in the late morning by the bright sun shining through my window. So I would grumble, pull the covers over my head, roll over, and go back into my deep sleep. I was not someone who slept like this before, but the habit has stuck, and now I cannot sleep otherwise, depressed, manic, or stable.

So what quirky habits have you developed due to your disability/ies? I know I'm not the only one.


Anonymous said...

I tend to listen to tv too, rather than watch it. I tend to put a pillow over my head. I do this a lot for comfort or when my depression overwhelms me. It does sooth me.

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