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Friday, March 5, 2010

Disability Rights Haggadah

I was in Hillel Wednesday as I have a standing lunch with a friend, when 2 people came in to have a meeting with the director about Passover, which starts the Monday after our spring break. Apparently we are having an official Seder the first night (I will be at my parents) and then for the second night he is paying for food so that people can hold their own Seder that is most meaningful to them. We can do them however we want. He says "I can find you a haggadah for whatever you want. Feminist, LGBT, traditional, chocolate themed, he even offered to buy the Animated Haggadah if a group of people want to watch that and then chow down.

He was saying he could find a text to match any theme, so I looked at him and said, "Can you find a disability rights haggadah? Because we have this whole 'free our people' thing going on." [my free our people drawing is to the left] I was just trying to be tongue and cheek, I did not mean for it to be something taken seriously, but he did. He said if I wanted to host a disability rights seder he would look. I must have had a look of shock on my face. I mean I know plenty of Jews that would be down with it, but students?

Well I looked into it later that day, and I really think there is nothing. There are the picture cards Ricki's Mom made for her and the PECs haggadah below, but nothing about rights.


So I think if I am going to do this I am going to take from here and there. I need to look at my ragged edge anthology for some poems about freedom. I can adapt things from the Labor Seder, such as using the poem on page 12 as a jumping off point for a rewrite. The system is broken. I need to take a look at the human rights haggadah and find the UN declaration of the rights of people with disabilities. The 30 Minute Seder is also on my list.

He wants us to think of what was meaningful for us when we were children, and to me, the best part of Passover was "quarters." No, not the drinking game, but my Grandpa would get a roll of quarters and sit all of the kids at the table and we had to guess a number between 1 and 100 for a quarter. So I think I would take the multiple choice questions from the back of the PECs haggadah and use them to chuck quarters at people. It's a good opportunity to talk about inclusion.

I don't think I'm going to hold a seder this year. Creating a haggadah from scratch is pretty labor intensive and I don't think I had enough advance notice, but this is definitely a project I want to undertake and complete. So what are the 10 plagues of ableism? I may borrow from the labor seder, such as un/underemployment.


susan said...

I loved this. I really did. It made me think of my old family seders too.

I'm paying this forward to several people I know so maybe they will open their seders too.

Adelaide Dupont said...

Ten plagues of ablism:

(1) the rain which makes the curves slip

(2) the screws which make the doors squeal and not open

(3) the stares

(4) technology which doesn't work/is hacked

(5) tongues falling out

(6) hands withering off the arms

(7) a big black pit

(8) a crowd where nobody knew each other

(9) memories going missing

and (10) all the public transport not working.

Adelaide Dupont said...

Here is another link. It is from Bec Seidner, a Jewish-South African-Australian writer:

Bec Seidner's blog

She was linked to a woman called Elishiva.

The Picker Family

Mrs Picker helps run a youth group for Jewish children with disabilities.

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