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Monday, January 4, 2010

Teens/20-Somethings: We Need Your Help!

A friend of mine who is an ADAPTer that I met at AYS/last April's national action posted the following Facebook note a half hr ago. Any ideas, please post a comment here and I will forward the answers to him. I will also post my own answers after I give this a little bit of thought.


Hey all, I got an email from the Human Services Research Institute in Portland, OR. They're planning a series of national conversations on issues for young people with disabilities, and would like input on 4 questions.

1. What are the 5 most important things for youth and young adults (14 – 30 years) to have in their lives?

2. What are some challenges that they experience in lives (school, community, work, relationships, etc.)?

3. What would they like to hear about most on these National Conversations? Are there topics we need to talk about that they feel are being left out of our conversations when we talk about supporting young people to achieve their personal goals?

4. Any other input regarding the information provided or the way in which it is provided during these calls?

Any input I can forward on would be great, their deadline is Jan 8th

The calls will be in March April and May


Laura O said...

Well, I will be 30 next month, so I still fit in this demographic!

1. Five most important things: Parent/guardian support, access to disability awareness materials, access to good healthcare, friends, activities that increase independence.

2. Transition from child with a disability to disabled adult, relationships, work.

I think making the answers from the first two questions part of the conversations on issues for young adults is key.

Thanks for posting this!

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