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Friday, January 15, 2010

Always Carry Your Card While You're Out with Your Flair

So I was heading out to On Our Own last Friday (which turned out better then expected) and I stepped onto the elevator. A woman was already on, I'm guessing about 28, and oddly enough I just got this vibe from her. I only speak with 4 people who live in my building and sort of know 3 others. This building has 19 floors. A person could always use more friends, and hey, she's my age-ish. Should I say hi? I couldn't tell if she was eying the buttons on my purse or her hands that she was rubbing lotion on. Part way down she looks at me, "Tell me about your button."

"Which one?"

"Human Rights in Mental Health."

I told her very briefly that $17 million have already been cut from the state mental health budget and I'm part of a group that is going to Annapolis on the 20th to talk to the legislature to try to get them not to cut anymore. She used to work with kids in mental health she said, was really interested, and actually wanted my number, as she was on her way out. So I reached into my purse and grabbed my card. Told her my email is wrong but the number is right. I am so glad I always have some in the pocket on the outside of my wallet!

[the picture of 6 cartoonish silhouetted people in various colors, the one on the far left in a wheelchair, is on my card. Not what I'd prefer, but there is so little disability clipart out there.]

I tend to be awkward at starting conversations / have trouble knowing how to be appropriate with my activist ramblings. Social cues aren't my speciality. Buttons. Who woulda thunk it? She has my name because it's on my card, I just wish I'd gotten her name. :-( I also wish I'd given the grocery store cashier my card. Didn't think of it and I haven't seen her...

Anyway I hope this person does call me (she hasn't yet) and I hope she'll drive. I HATE TAKING PARATRANSIT TO ANNAPOLIS, especially on Wednesdays.


Anonymous said...

kewl 'hood, huh? some really nce people live here... Maybe I should carry blank cards, with lines maybe, so people can quickly write their contact info if I want it for later. gh

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