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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Magazine for PWDs to Launch

Last week I linked to something from one of the Baltimore Sun blogs. I thought I would post it too, because it's pretty cool.

The Baltimore nonprofit The League for People with Disabilities Inc. has joined with the publisher of i.d.e.a.l. magazine to distribute a new quarterly magazine about and for those with disabilities. The official launch is scheduled for Jan. 15.

The League has a print shop and bulk mail house called League Industries that will serve as the official printer and mail house for i.d.e.a.l. magazine. That stands for Individuals with Disabilities Express About Life.

“i.d.e.a.l. magazine will create a new and positive image for young people with disabilities and, hopefully, help eliminate the stereotypes among people with disabilities in society,” said Zarifa Roberson, the magazine's founder and chief executive.

She wanted to start the publication so people with disabilities can express their opinions on all areas of their lives, something they normally do not get to do in a public way. She wants the magazine to be the voice of the disability community.

The League’s president and chief executive, David A. Greenberg, said, “We currently serve over 2,000 individuals and families with various backgrounds and interests and opinions. It’s great that Zarifa is putting together so many voices and stories to show the diversity and extent of ideas and opinions within the community of people with disabilities. The possibilities for stories and articles are endless.”

For more information, call The League at 410-323-0500 ext. 304, or go to The League for People with Disabilities Inc. was founded in 1927 and provides services to help people with disabilities gain independence, increase self-sufficiency and improve quality of life.


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